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– Support to A380 Fleet Performance: Development of the SAES (Specific Airlines Enhancement Support), Perform In-Service Reliability analyses, Fuel Support and Cost Benefit Analysis.

– Single Aisle and Long Range Aircraft Operability:  Maintainability and Reliability Analysis.

– A350 Air Conditioning system: Safety Analysis.

– Auto-Throttle Control Unit: Safety and Reliability Analysis.

– Propeller System: Safety and Reliability Analysis.

– Doors/ Trimmable Horizontal Stabilizer Actuator: Safety and Reliability Analysis.

– Cathay Pacific Engineering: Design change, Aircraft Delivery and Maintenance Management.

– Calculator Embedded System:  Safety and Reliability Analysis.

– Sub-Orbital flight:  Certification and System Engineering Support.

– Cargolifter:  RAMS Analysis, ILS, Certification and System Engineering Support.

– Barco:  Avionics Project: Safety and Reliability Support.

– TAI: Design change, Aircraft Delivery and Maintenance Management.


ESAeuropean comissionSeptentrioTHALESALENIASPACEr2064_9_airbus_ds_3d_blue_rgb – RAMS and Software certification for aviation receivers.- COTS certification materials for the need of EGNOS certification.- RAMS and Certification manager at EGNOS program office.- ILS and maintenance Preliminary Specification.- Safety of live certification and support to safety case and security substance.


Airbus MilitarycmiGeneral Dynamics

– ILS and System Engineering support.

– System engineering support and Reliability Analysis.

– RAMS and Certification support.


Bombardierskf – Safety and reliability support. Development RAMS including LCC activities to support HVAC system rail transport.

– Systems Engineering support. V&V strategy including system approach.


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We organized training related to: RAMS, ILS, DO178, DO254, System Engineering processes, certification ARP4754 and ARP4761, MSG-3…