Aerospace, Defense and Transport Industry must continuously adapt their working practices to keep ahead of competition. Companies therefore need external support.

AIS is a well-established engineering services company supporting main Aerospace/Transport manufacturers, equipment and system manufacturers, airlines and operators in various disciplines, such as design engineering, safety engineering, certification, manufacturing & test support, maintenance & logistics, operation…

Today AIS’s engineers are working within integrated teams at client or AIS facilities in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. This ensures we can provide the right contractors for the job anywhere in the world.

The network makes AIS thus providing it with a great capacity to mobilize international resources as well as an advantage to offer a complete solution that meets the specific needs of our customers.

Within Europe, our potential represents a large network of Aerospace/ Transport specialists. Every individual contract or proposal is directly managed by an AIS Senior consultant and supported by the AIS administrative organization. This ensures we provide you with the right support.

Despite the sustained and steady deployment of AIS around the planet, its structure has remained simple and lean. This ensures that AIS remains a flexible and efficient organization.

Thus today AIS is capable of establishing an operational team within a short time-frame (weeks) anywhere in the world. Its staffing is driven by business model deployment with long-term contracts securing staffing levels.

Furthermore, AIS has diversified activities, and isn’t dependent on a single source, which adds to its sturdiness. AIS is present in all corners of the aerospace/transport scene, with the objective to maintain a large panel of customers.

Our team combines experience and current, up-to-date operational and technical knowledge with visionary conceptual ideas that will bring added value to our clients. AIS is committed to bringing you the solution you need, wherever your activity requires it. Our interest lies solely in leading the way to the best quality, highest efficiency and most profitable productivity for our customers in all aviation business segments.