We are used to work with our clients according to workpackages or staffing.

Engineering support:

AIS support Engineering from its pool of aerospace and transport engineering experts who address each assigned project with the optimized level of knowledge, skills and experience.
Our pragmatic approach merges both technical and operational knowledge across core competences for the industrial sector. As Advisor, Partner or Subcontractor, AIS assists on a through life basis or with the completion of individual engineering tasks in the following industrial sectors:
– Aviation , ATM_ANS, Drone
– Defense
– Space
– Transportation (rail, automotive and maritime) and Energy

Consultancy & expertise:

AIS Consultancy & Expertise Services fulfil a complete end-to-end knowledge and experience.
Our technical (RAMS, Safety Management System, Product Assurance HW/SW, Sytems Engineering….) consultancy activity consists in the following:
– Specialized Engineering Studies
– Technical Component / Systems Evaluations
– Detailed Analytical Analyses
– A full complement of Risk Management Techniques and Project Monitoring. Our Experts are selected for Customized Stand-alone assignments (requiring detailed analytical, engineering and program management expertise) or may form a full Engineering advisory team to support major program applications (from bid proposal through to In-field Engineering Support).

Certification & Qualification:

AIS provides companies with the optimized approach to pre-certification award via independent audits, in-house training and certification documentation preparation, compilation and execution.
We currently operate across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and thus count among the key international certification management organizations. As a global provider of certification & qualification services, AIS is also involved in the preparation and interpretation of international standards and regulations (EASA PART21, EN9100, CS-25,23…. , ECSS-Q-ST-10C,20C…). It regroups the systems compliance validation with the specifications and requirements throughout the project development cycle. AIS specialists can assist you in integrating a new or maintaining an existing system or software into your demanding environment.
There are several types of solutions that AIS offers that will be customized, which include:
– Determining the implementation and operation of the acceptance and testing processes (Flight test, Wind tunnel…)
– Auditing, recommending, managing « approval » projects
– Developing and conducting test campaigns
– Training client teams
– Implementing a turnkey third-party acceptance service
– Analysing performance


AIS has always been a highly innovative entity always encouraging creative thinking. Many AIS consultants and experts are indeed involved in Research and Development activities around the world. AIS has been working in close collaboration with universities and research organizations thus thriving to push the boundaries of aerospace technology.
Innovation is part of the company’s DNA.
In the frame of the European Cleansky2 program (http://www.cleansky.eu/) AIS support the AIRMES project (http://www.airmes-project.eu/airmes-project-1) focused on:
– The specification of a framework for demonstration of prognostic solutions,
– Development of prognostic solutions for selected use cases,
– Development of the framework for demonstration.
With these focuses, AIS shall adapt AIS existing solutions for AIRMES demonstration needs, these solutions consisting of:
– AIS solution for Prospection and Validation of New Predictive Monitors, and AIS Management of Monitoring Solutions.


Since few years, AIS provide short training courses from 1 to 3 days concerning multi-sectors generalities such as functional analysis, maintenance costs, system engineering process… We also have specific courses applied to the aerospace, drone, ATM, railway and transport industry related to concepts, methodologies and standards. You can download our training modules (ATM and Drone) on this page . We have implemented tailor-made courses from 6 to 8 days for technicians or engineers willing to get through a specific area: RAMS Engineer, Certification Engineer, System Engineer or Integrated Logistic Support Engineer. Since November 2022, AIS provide Training for INCOSE certification (ASEP and CSEP exam preparation). Training length is 5 days (On customer site Or Classroom in Toulouse FRANCE Or Virtual Classroom). You can download our INCOSE training program on this page.